Describing the classroom



By expandinglanguage

2 comments on “Describing the classroom

  1. In Hi good night!!! In the classroom there are 2 windows, there are 2 carpets 1 carpet is green square and the other is blue circule whit letters, there are 10 kids 5 girls and 5 boys and 2 computer 1 whit a printer and the other whitout a printer, there also is a beautiful teacher. In the classroom there is a board, On the left side there is a clock, a map, a calendar, also on the same side there is a piano whit a stol. There is a boy watching the acuarium, on the acuarium theres a castle.There is a girl drawing, , There are 3 tables whit their chairs. There are 2 kids playing on the floor, there are a lot of books. On the right side there is a poster, on the same side there is also a girl rading. There is a boy working on the computer. There are 2 books shelf, there are some toys. In this classroom there are 2 blue cortain, there is a boy and a girl playing with a puzzle. there is a train alphabet on the wall and there is a girl running in the classroomm and an other boy is watching her. There are many people but all seems to be very happy.

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